Welcome to FunRich Web

You are now at the FunRich homepage. You can manage your datasets on this page. Click "Add dataset" on the left panel to add gene/protein/miRNA datasets for analysis. After adding your datasets, you can visit the following pages to perform your analyses:

  • The Venn Diagram page will let you generate Venn diagrams for your data.
  • The Gene Enrichment page will let you perform enrichment analysis for gene/protein datasets.
  • The miRNA Enrichment page will let you perform miRNA enrichment analysis, find targets of miRNAs, and find miRNAs that target given genes.
  • The Vesiclepedia page will let you examine your datasets with Vesiclepedia.
  • The ID Conversion page will let you convert your dataset IDs to different formats.


Upload dataset

Uploaded datasets will be saved as cookies so they will be available next time you visit FunRich.